Welcome to Enamel Nation

"Think like an Artist" by asking more and different questions.

What is The "Enamel Nation"?

Hi, I'm Ricky Frank.

I've designed an online community for the student I was over 40 years ago, for the students I've taught and teach today, and for you!

It's like a virtual daily "Enamel Conference"!

Enamel Nation is a community where you can join other enamel students, artists, and instructors as we learn, play, experiment, and create with glass, metal, and heat.

Connect and Share with others.

Find Information.

Explore new and different Questions.

Feel Inspired and Motivated.

Feel supported in a Safe Place.

It's a combination: a magazine, a self-directed class, and a community. 


And even better, your engagement makes you a "co-creator".

Each week you will find new Questions to explore.

Do you have Enamel Questions?

NO, I don't mean the questions like...

What should I do?

How can I do ....?

What do you think?

Will it work?

I'm talking about the really BIG QUESTIONS...

What do I want to "say" with enamel?

Why do I care?

How can I learn to design, create, and express myself with enamel?

What is "good enough?

How can I make an artistic change?

How do I find my artistic voice and creative vision?

Learning to Enamel is more than just learning the technique. It's also...

Learning to Observe more deeply.

Asking more, different, and better Questions.

Becoming more Creative and Expressive.

Learning how to Design with enamel.

Empowering Yourself to ask and answer your own Questions.

Playing with the Freedom from fear you once felt as a child.

Just think about how much time a day you spend on social media. Is the time spent helping you achieve your goals? How much time in a week? What if you took that time and applied it to considering your enamel and artistic questions? The Enamel Nation challenges and encourages you to "step away from  the computer" and DO something which will support the artistic change you desire!

Disclaimer: This community is not designed to answer your questions for you. It's not a "teacher-directed workshop". It's designed to help you learn to ask yourself questions, ask better and different questions, and ACT on your questions. 


Join Now.  It's FREE! Or just come on in and Explore to see what it's all about. I don't think that you've ever seen anything like this before.

Warning: I've found that the App below is not the easiest way to access the Enamel Nation. It is not as intuitive as I would like. I did not develop it. Depending on your device, you may find it easier to use the URL to copy a link or shortcut to your home page.

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